The race towards Ethereum 2.0 has only just begun – Already 100,000 ethers (ETH) ready to be staged at the giant Kraken!

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Staking for beginners – Like most of its competitors, Kraken launched a staking service for Ethereum 2.0 at the beginning of December. In just a few days, the platform gathered more than 100,000 ETH on its service.

Kraken x Ethereum 2.0
On December 4th, three days after the official launch of Ethereum 2.0, Kraken announced the launch of a staking service.

Just like its competitors Coinbase or Binance, Kraken offers its customers the opportunity to participate in the transaction validation process, without having to deal with the implementation or maintenance of the node.

Interestingly, however, the service is not only open to users with the 32 ETH required to create a validator, but also to smaller holders who do not have all 32 ETH.

„Bet small or large amounts – with Kraken you can bet less than the minimum of 32 ETH required on the network“.

The announcement.
0 to 100 in 2 seconds 3
Only 4 days after its launch, the Kraken service seems to be causing a sensation among its users.

Thus, the exchange already has more than 100,000 ETH deposited on its staking service, or about 44.8 million euros.

In fact, 8% of the ETHs staked on Ethereum 2.0 are actually staked at the Kraken. Although Kraken boasts about these figures, they can however ask many questions regarding decentralisation.

Once again, this service is suitable for the more novice users wishing to take part in the validation process. Despite this, decentralised solutions such as the one offered by MyEtherWallet are still preferable, as they are less centralised.