Trader profits 4,900% with only R$ 2 after buying Bitcoin for the first time for R$ 2 thousand

Investor says it is „never too late to buy BTC“ after cryptomoeda broke record when it reached $ 100,000.

A Brazilian trader told on Facebook that he had a profit of 4.900% investing only $ 1.5 in Bitcoin. According to the investor’s publication, he bought cryptomoeda for the first time in 2016, when BTC was worth around R$ 2 thousand in the market.

Thus, in only four years the amount invested by him was transformed in R$ 99. Although the trader invested only R$ 2 in Bitcoin Bank, the amount managed to accumulate a valuation of almost 5,000% in the period.

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Without knowing that Bitcoin would value so much for four years, the trader says that „it’s never too late to buy BTC“. The message was published by him on the social networks on the day that cryptomeda was quoted at R$ 100 thousand in Brazil.
Bitcoin gives profit to trader

Investors who bought Bitcoin a few years ago were surprised with the valuation of cryptomeda in 2020. In the last ten months alone, BTC has accumulated a 160% appreciation in the market.

Thus, those who invested in Bitcoin at the beginning of the year more than doubled the value applied in cryptomeda. In the case of the trader who bought R$ 2 in BTC, his profit was even higher.

Bitcoin is the best investment of 2020 with 73% profit; Ibovespa is the worst, with 17,8% drop.

In total, the user accounts on Facebook that with that money he bought the fraction 0.00098745 (BTC). The purchase took place on May 31, 2016, when each Bitcoin unit was traded for R$ 2,025.40.

„I bought 0,00098745 (BTC) worth R$ 2,025.45 each Bitcoin. Holding these 0,00098745 BTC in the current quotation would be worth R$ 99. It is the valuation of these R$ 2“.

Earned exchange money

Exchanges distribute cryptomoedas in airdrops programs, raffles and even competition for traders. For those who don’t have money to invest in the market, this is a way to get Bitcoin for free.

So, it was through a FoxBit promotion that the trader who won 4,900% with Bitcoin managed to invest in cryptomoeda for the first time. In a statement divulged in a group for investors on Facebook, he affirms that he won the R$ 2 FoxBit exchange.

This way, the trader managed to buy the small fraction of Bitcoin that currently is worth around R$ 99. If it wasn’t for the FoxBit promotion, which gave R$ 2 to new users, the trader wouldn’t have invested in Bitcoin.

„The first BTC purchase that I made was in 2016 with the R$ 2 that FoxBit gave for new registrations“.

Investing in cryptomoedas

The trader who gained almost 5,000% profit investing in Bitcoin made the publication about cryptomoeda on Facebook last Friday (20). That same day the price of BTC broke a historical record in Brazil, when it was quoted at R$ 100 thousand for the first time.

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Thus, the six digit level made the trader celebrate the purchase of Bitcoin for only $ 2 thousand. In other words, he paid a value of only 5% of the current price of cryptomeda on the market.

Even with the price hitting a record in $ 100 thousand, the trader advised other people to invest in cryptomoeda. He finished the message on the social networks about the profit of 4.900% with BTC saying that is still possible to invest on Bitcoin.

„It’s never too late to buy BTC“.

At the moment that the trader published on Facebook, the price of Bitcoin was being quoted at $ 100,636.17. However, recently the cryptomoeda suffered a small correction, and this Sunday night (22) each unit of BTC is being quoted at $ 99,047.58, according to data from CoinMaketCap.